ramencraft restaurant by SOA architekti

Quite similar to coffee, ramen has gained an extensive global reach, becoming even a culinary routine in the lifestyle of many a savvy urban dweller. And yes, also in Prague. Nestled in Staré Město, the city’s scenic Old Town district, and only stone’s throw away from the Vltava river, sits the newly opened ramencraft restaurant. Situated on the ground floor of an early 20th-century residential building with an ornate façade, ramencraft occupies a compact unit and features a clean modern interior design infused with visual quips by local practice SOA architekti. The chosen aesthetic takes ample cues from founder Milan Tarabík‘s life-long fascination with Japanese traditions and pop culture, including the gaming world of 8-bit graphics.

A key element of the graphic design is the use of pixels, which appear throughout the interior, including a tile mural beside the entrance entitled Czezilla which references the hugely iconic Japanese prehistoric monster which first appeared on film in 1954. A palette of bright colours lend a dynamic edge to the design while also emphasising the fun factor of ramencraft‘s interior design. Seating consists of six booths where diners can sit by themselves, and in the back of the restaurant, a communal space is readily available which offers a versatile seating configuration. As said, at ramencraft it’s all about noodle dishes, and the menu lists plenty of options, using original fresh ingredients, in addition to a matching range of side dishes and even two desserts. © superfuture

Designed by SOA architekti
Images © SOA architekti
Photography: Studio Flusser