Republic Restoratives Bourbon by Midday

Midday Studio creates Republic Restorative’s signature Bourbon.
Republic Restoratives Distillery is the largest women-owned, crowd-funded distillery in the US. Founded by Pia and Rachel, this is more than just a drinks company. It’s a vibrant community of diverse people united by their drive to redefine what it is to be American. As a women-owned, LGBTQ-led brand in a male-dominated spirits industry, they work hard to disrupt every day, and are inspired by an incredible community of supporters all thirsty for change.

“We are a diverse, vibrant community united by our values and what it really means to be an American. We celebrate an outspoken and disruptive Attitude towards the production of quality American spirits. We are redefining the future of tradition. Everyone is invited.” Pia Carusone, Founder.

Hailing from Washington DC, Republic Restoratives rebuilt an inner-city tear down factory to age their signature Bourbon. A distinctive painted orange line that ran through the original site was preserved during the rebuild as a respectful nod to what had come before. The unstoppable line now represents what is at the heart of the brand – disruption.

Midday undertook the task of reimagining the brand identity and creating the packaging design for Republic Restoratives Distillery. This comprehensive project included the development of Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand World, and Packaging Design. The new, bold design amplifies their voice as they transition from their DC roots to a broader audience – outspokenly, disruptively American all the way.

Designed by Midday