Siemens Gamesa office by Amicus


Siemens Gamesa engaged Amicus Technology to create a modern, flexible, and collaborative office space to enhance employee and client experience.
As Siemens Gamesa transitioned to a more hybrid work approach it was essential to integrate seamless, simple-to-use and reliable technology to support this.
To implement their vision, Amicus Finance offered a rental agreement, enabling Siemens Gamesa to spread the cost over a 36-month period rather than having an upfront cash outlay.
This allowed Siemens Gamesa to upgrade and optimise the technology solution to better meet their needs.

During the technology design phase with Siemens Gamesa, they expressed a desire for the technology solution to achieve some key experiences:
All meeting spaces to be bookable with a one-touch-to-join VC experience for MS Teams, as well as the flexibility to join a call on any other VC platform.
Provide a good audio experience in meeting rooms with the ability to clearly hear and be heard whether the participant is in the room or joining remotely.
Ability to share content quickly and easily from a laptop to the room display.
Amicus Technology successfully delivered on the client’s vision of bringing people together in an agile, highly connected, collaborative work setting to inspire and attract talent. To deliver against this vision and the functional requirements, Amicus designed and delivered the following core technology solutions.

This is a multi-functional, connective space that can be set up as two individual meeting rooms or converted into one large meeting space and integrated with the breakout area.

Breakout Area
This space has been designed as a social zone and breakout area with the ability to show content from the boardroom on a large display, stream content and play music.

Meeting Rooms
The meeting rooms were designed with simple-to-use technology enabling any VC call to be started in seconds with quick and easy wireless sharing.

Support Service
For Siemens Gamesa, Amicus included a three-year support maintenance service. The IT team wanted to feel assured that there was ongoing technical support available enabling them to focus on other core IT support activities.

The new office has enabled staff to tap into a more agile, collaborative work style delivering a more immersive, hybrid way of working.
Becoming more digitally enhanced gives Siemens Gamesa the opportunity to host seamless, interactive, and engaging meetings and events that will inspire and enrich connections between staff and clients.
With simpler ways to communicate and collaborate, the potential to advance innovation, improve productivity and attract and retain unique talent has grown consistently.
Moreover, the new collaborative technology solutions have boosted employee experience and brought a refreshing energy to the new office.

Designed by Amicus