Cha Angadi by Int-Hab Architecture + Design Studio

An attractive and inviting design is very important for any F&B outlet. It can welcome customers and elevate their experience.

Cha Angadi is an upcoming chain of outlets catering to a variety of tea brews. It is designed to be sustainable and quirky with two outlets located in the bustling streets of Jayanagar and Koramangala.

The choice of colors was an extremely important aspect to ensure the complete built form looked attractive and stood out in the busy streets the outlets are located in. All the elements in the design are visualized based on the architectural principles of contrast, rhythm and repetition that blend in beautifully to create a sleek and innovative outlet. Great care has been taken in small details to ensure the look is complete and trendy. The customized kettle lights add a fun element to the space.

The outlet is designed as a stand-alone structure in mild steel, making it easier to dismantle and reinstall at will. This structure opens up to the street, attracting pedestrians with its bright and quirky ambience. The structure can be completely closed while not in use, thereby giving it the feel of a container.

Designed by Int-Hab Architecture + Design Studio