Melarya beer by FLOV Branding studio.

The enigmatic Melarya brand was created in the backwoods of Warmia, among fields, forests and lakes. The name could suggest connotations with a deadly epidemic. But it is quite the opposite. Mel or mellifera in Latin means mead. And Melarya, is a variety based on mead, hence the prefix mel in the name. It is a unique alcoholic drink from the ZULI craft mead in Kabikiejmy in Warmia, which, thanks to its honey base and natural additives: ginger, hops and quinine, can have a beneficial effect on health.

Our goal
In this case, the brand is actually the product, which is special and unique in itself. Therefore, we did not want to “break up” the project into additional (in our opinion redundant) elements of identification. We found that in this case, we must focus as much as possible on the characteristic packaging, in particular on the label, which should include an interesting illustrative motif and the characteristic logo of the product referring to it.

Designed by FLOV Branding studio.


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