Vegenation Sambal Krunchy by Pilgrims Brand Studio

PILGRIMS BRAND STUDIO were in charge of designing the brand identity and art direction for Vegenation. Vegenation is a Malaysian organic vegan company that aspire to bring delicious and healthy vegan products to the world. Inspired by the traditional Malaysian batik patterns, we modernized and minimalized it and turned it into bold patterns that reflects the taste & texture of each of the flavour. Vibrant colour background were picked following the colour of vegetable produces, which are vibrant and colourful. We created a series of packaging design for their first product, Sambal Krunchy based on that idea.

Material of the packaging is Mirror Kote Sticker with Matte Lamination, sticked on top of glass bottle.

What’s Unique?
Turn traditional batik patterns into something modern

Designed by Pilgrims Brand Studio


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