Superbid Offices by Perkins&Will

Perkins&Will designed Superbid Exchange’s new São Paulo office with a circular program enhancing collaboration and client interaction, maximizing natural light for sustainability and integrating the company’s brand identity. Superbid Exchange’s new office designed by Perkins&Will employs a circular program integrating collaborators and clients.

A corporate floor of 700 sqm located in the JFL 125 Building on Av. Rebouças was the chosen space to host the new office of Superbid Exchange, a pioneering company in digital auctions in Brazil, whose corporate interior design project was entrusted to Perkins&Will São Paulo studio. Starting from the premise of welcoming clients and accommodating remote-first company employees in one place while providing a stimulating and dynamic environment to build relationships, the architecture team employed a circular program to enhance contact with natural light and the outdoor environment, creating a central core where a large arena was positioned.

“While representing a challenge in execution, the arena proved to be one of the liveliest spaces in the office, reinforcing the horizontal nature and effervescence of ideas characteristic of Superbid,” explains architect Carlos Andrigo from Perkins&Will. “In this space, we positioned a ticker symbol displaying financial market news, which required various technical studies, but also made possible the creation of a true studio. Converging cutting-edge technology and architecture, our goal was to create a meeting point to host auditions, lectures, training sessions, and strategic meetings, among other uses,” he concludes.

The central arena is surrounded by glass to maximize natural light and serves as an organizer of the program: upon entering the office through the main entrance, clients and employees can enjoy a coffee lounge, from which the program divides into two zones, connected in a ring around the arena. On the right are the areas for client and visitor reception, while on the left are the concentration areas, with collective workstations, meeting rooms, and utilities for the teams. Thus, an uninterrupted pathway is formed to encourage circular movement, fostering agile and pleasant interaction among different teams.

The circular layout of the environment is also an appeal to sustainability: since there are windows surrounding the entire floor, the project maximizes the incidence of natural lighting and privileges the 360º view where both Pinheiros and Jardim Paulistano neighborhoods can be seen. The private offices and meeting rooms were positioned to allow the entry of light and gained the application of glass and mirrors to accentuate the sensation of integration and spaciousness.

In the finishes, the minimalist and sophisticated approach highlighted the magenta-colored details, part of the Superbid brand identity. The application of wood in the furniture, providing warmth and coziness, was combined with neutral tones, predominant in the exposed structures, vinyl flooring, and acoustic ceilings of the floor.

Design: Perkins&Will
Design Team: Fernando Vidal, Carlos Andrigo, Paula Caçador, Leandro Gushiken, Fabio Jungstedt, Bruno Faraco, Felipe Borgerth, Stephanie Luna
Contractor: DMR
Photography: Ricardo Bassetti