CNP Vita Assicura office by Tétris

For its new executive headquarters, CNP Vita Assicura, a leading company in the Italian life insurance market and part of the French Group CNP Assurances, has chosen the innovative setting of Arbe49. This prestigious building, with contemporary design and LEED Platinum certification, is located in a rapidly evolving urban area characterized by mixed-use buildings, common spaces, and community services.

The offices occupy a surface area of 3,600 square meters spread over four floors, combining functionality with elegant design. The project was born out of the need to create a work environment that fosters a strong sense of belonging among employees, becoming a place for meetings, socialization, and well-being to promote professional growth and sharing.

We have taken an integrated approach, from design to construction, to ensure high-quality aesthetics, efficiency, and sustainability throughout the entire architectural and interior design project.

Designed by Tétris
Photography by Davide Galli