mahagrid store by COV Studio

Part of Mediquitous, a Seoul-based fashion company comprising 17 brands and two e-commerce platforms, premium men’s streetwear brand mahagrid has been catering to the country’s youth though online channels, but as of late, it has taken its operations to a higher level, opening a brick-and-mortar store, its very first. The brands name mahagrid consists of two words—the Indonesian word maha, which means ‘greatness’, and grid, which speaks for itself. Combined, the name aims to symbolise a milestone of sorts for street culture, and the brand fulfills this on-trend styles. Situated in Suwon, a leafy satellite city 30 kilometres (19 miles) south of the capital, The mahagrid store occupies a 98 sqm. (1,055 sq.ft.) unit on the fourth floor of Starfield Suwon, a humongous, newly built complex which is home to a library and a multi-storey shopping centre, the city’s largest. The interior design, created by COV Studio, a design and branding practice based in Seoul, is inspired by the brand’s name and meaning.

The rectangular space is open and understated, and sees furnishings and fixtures captured by a sober palette of materials. The shop façade incorporates a screen featuring mahagrid footage, signalling the brand’s dynamic character, while overhead, a decorative frieze, if one might call it that, comprising merely a piece of timber, but one whose grains have been accentuated creating striking patterns. The technique is extended indoors, adorning a large display and shelving unit, crafted from metal, and two sizeable displays in the middle of the premises. The displays are also crafted from metal slats which form an imposing floor-to-ceiling backdrop for the marbled sales counter at the back, concealing two fitting rooms and storage. On the right hand side of the premises, six display units, paired two by two, line the wall. The new mahagrid store carries a selection of the brand’s full range of apparel, accessories and collaborative items with other brands.

Designed by COV Studio
Images © COV Studio
Photography: Yong-joon Choi