Dirty Cookie by THE CULT, Cairo – Egypt

Dirty Cookie is a commercial spatial experience designed by The Cult, an Experiential Design studio based in Cairo, Egypt, that explores an iridescent world where boundaries are blurred between the outside and Dirty Cookies inside world and between one another.

Coming all the way from L.A. for their first flagship store in Egypt, we brought in some of L.A.’s ice cream parlor elements, from grey neo-cement panels, to the famous white subway tiles.

After months of experimentation, we finally achieved a seamless iridescent stainless steel surface for Dirty Cookie’s counter (The ChromaCore Counter) that perfectly captures the brand’s fun and raw essence at the very center of the store where boundaries are blurred between the brand colors to create a color gradient.

A round peek-a-boo window looking into the kitchen for customers to peek a look onto the fresh baked goods as well as a wall of frames to rotate and enjoy while waiting in line.

We whipped, baked and served an experience that was extra tasty.