Vizient office by Partners by Design

Designed as a place where “Cities and Parks come together”, our new office for Vizient® in Chicago’s West Loop integrates a modern, sophisticated, and technologically-forward aesthetic with the art deco detailing of the historic Old Post Office.

As the nation’s largest provider-driven healthcare performance improvement company, a variety of programmatic needs and elements were needed to accommodate the consolidation of two Chicagoland office locations across the 110,000 square feet workspace.

Embracing the architecture of the Old Post Office, we leveraged the large ceiling height to create a variety of unique architectural volumes throughout the space. These masses clad in an array of architectural finishes provide an approachable, human scale to the voluminous space. Additionally, drawing natural light into the space and providing several areas of extensive greenery throughout brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the large floorplate.

Community is at the core of Vizient’s company values and is reflected throughout the office plan. With this in mind, our team created the boulevard, a transverse spine that anchors the entire workspace and offers the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and interact with fellow colleagues. Highlighted and encased in dramatic, architectural, bent-wood ribs while neon signs and strategically placed street-lamp-inspired globes highlight pathways and provide a visual reference that frames one’s relation to the boulevard.

The space is filled with a variety of work and leisure spaces to ensure the best possible employee experience including the Grand Town Hall, a light-filled multipurpose area overlooking the Chicago River

We collaborated with Spark, Skender, Savills, Syska Hennessy, Variegated Designs, Chicago Lightworksand Interior Investments to create a space that inspires and awes.

Designed by Partners by Design