Herbs & Kettles by 9133 Design Studio

Herbs and Kettles is an Atlanta based direct trade, single origin, premium tea company founded by Abe and Poorvi who are tea sommeliers. They travel to different regions of India, to directly source the best single origin, single batch teas from small sustainable farms.

To represent their wide range of offerings, and keep it true to the regions their products helm from, we rebranded them and created a collection of Chaiwalas that were represented by the most popular wild and endangered animals of India. We created a series of environments to showcase the diverse lands in which these teas are grown, leading to their unique characteristics and taste palettes. Beautifully illustrated, each of these environments reflects a specific mood for these teas.

The purpose was twofold – to showcase the diverse culture that India comes with, and to draw attention to the variety of species that exist and might be close to extinction.

A premium tea brand, with a plethora of product and color, we chose the royal navy coupled with a beautiful gold to bring out the brand. To highlight the premium aspect of this brand, we also created a seal that is embossed on the tin top – and within its collateral. The Herbs & Kettles universe was adapted to various packaging formats. This encompassed the design of tins, pouches, gift boxes, sample pouches, and more.

Designed by 9133 Design Studio