flagship butcher store – MOLDOVAN

Our goal was to come up with a new concept for the family owned butcher shop Moldovan, based near Cluj-Napoca. After opening more than 50 shops of different scales in the region they wanted to come into the market with a new vibe, but still having some of the old features. We then reinterpreted the classical modern country butcher style shops to a more minimalist look in which the most important aspect are the products. We managed to harmonize the materials and the proportions to offer a proffesional look using the stainless steel texture from the technological furniture, the warmth using the oak texture and the minimalist and modern look through the terrazzo tiles and glass bricks. All of the textures mingle to offer a perfect balance.

designed by unuplusunu (team: Calin Santa, Lucretia Santa, Diana Coste, Silvia Encian)

photos by Silvia Encian