The Green (Chicago, IL) – by Oetee

The Green partnered with Oetee to turn a 10,000 square foot warehouse into a state of the art golf-simulating entertainment center. Oetee was trusted to create a functionally welcoming atmosphere where both avid golfers and amateurs are able to enjoy a stress-free round or two, and they aced it.

From the start, there were two glaring objectives; To make this incredibly vacant warehouse more welcoming and to mitigate the noise that constant golf ball smacking created. Oetee thought it would be a great idea to drop the ceilings from 16’ to 10’, thus deleting the cavernous appearance. As for mitigating harsh noises, Oetee turned to Zintra acoustical arching panels which gloriously served as dual-purpose. Unwanted ear-piercing noises were gone while also creating an eye-catching architectural component. Stretching 35’ long, the intersecting green arches were insulated with additional sound-deadening material.

The layout was broken down into four different sections, each revolving around a 40’ wide oval-shaped, solid oak bar with a custom blue, metal mesh hanging structure being the focal point. The bar siding was etched with a continuous golf tee pattern with routed oak “G” logos circling on the ground around it. Bringing a warm, refreshing vibe, a refurbished 1960’s fireplace stands at the center of one intersection where the putting lounge was created. In order to bring in more golfing nature, Oetee created custom double-wide golf cart style benches which were placed at each simulator bay. Also, what’s golf without grass? With that in mind, Oetee went with green carpeting from their partners at Mohawk Group. As one of the final additions to the layout, Oetee designed a Pro Shop retail experience located at the front of the facility. This ended up being extremely successful due to its easy accessibility, a multitude of options, as well as still obtaining business in the hot-weather, primarily outdoor golfing season.

Ranging from the Zintra paneling, carpeting from Mohawk Group, multifaceted lighting developed by Lux Populi, furniture from MillerKnoll, and state-of-the-art golf simulator technology from GolfZon, The Green exceeded initial goals of drawing in more than just avid golf enthusiasts. At only six months post-grand opening, Oetee is in development of a second facility double the size.

Design & Fabrication by Oetee

Photography by James John Jetel

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