Join ArtStation Comic Art Week 2021

We’re excited to announce the return of Comic Art Week on ArtStation! From October 4th—8th, join us for a week-long celebration of the art and artists that make us fall in love with comics.

In addition to in-depth features with professional comic artists released throughout the week, we’ll be highlighting the Comic Art channel on ArtStation and sharing artworks uploaded to the channel on our social media accounts. Comic Art Week is the perfect time to share your work and have it be seen by an enthusiastic audience.

Upload Your Comic Art

This year, artist Loyiso Mkize will be hosting a live Q&A on October 6th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. ET on his ArtStation Blog. CLIP STUDIO PAINT is also offering a free 3-month activation code for CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX to the first 300 people to answer this survey.

Tune in to Loyiso’s Q&A, remember to upload your comic artworks, and we’ll see you soon!


How do I participate in Loyiso‘s Q&A?

On October 6th between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. ET, you can ask Loyiso questions on his ArtStation Blog using the related blog entry’s comment box. To see if your question has already been asked, you can sort comments from “oldest” instead of “latest”. This Q&A is a live, text-based event.

About Loyiso: Loyiso Mkize is a visual artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. After finishing his Diploma in Graphic Design he went on to become Head Illustrator for Supa Strikas. In mid 2013 Loyiso began creating KWEZI, a South African superhero comic book story set in contemporary Johannesburg. Loyiso and his team have recently been in development on the upcoming KWEZI animated series partnered with local production company Marche Media.

Loyiso’s comic book career has also included work for DC Comics on an Urban Legends “Batwing” episode. He was further commissioned by Disney Africa to create a commemorative painting for the Black Panther movie, merging his two visual styles of comic illustration and contemporary portrait painting. Confronted with an ever-evolving world, Mkize uses his work to inspire radical presence, dignity, and power latent in all of us.

How do I upload my work to the Comic Art channel?

When uploading or editing a project from your portfolio manager, scroll to the bottom and make sure you select “Comic Art” as one of your subject matter options. Hit “Publish” when you’re ready!

What kind of artwork is appropriate for the Comic Art channel?

The comic art channel is for any projects styled or relating to comics and graphic novels.

What are the CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX free trial details?

You can find the survey here. The first 300 people to respond will receive a CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX free trial code. The survey will close October 9th. If you have already used their 3-month trial before, you can’t use this code. You need to activate your code by the end of October or it will expire.

Artwork by Ryan Benjamin

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