Blog Improvements: Better Browsing & Editing Experience

The blog feature on ArtStation is a great way for artists to connect and engage with their audience. Blogs enable you to share articles, news, detailed breakdowns, works-in-progress, and more.

We’ve recently added a few updates to improve both the editing and browsing experience for blogs so that readers can find relevant posts more easily and bloggers have more customization in what they choose to display.

Browse Blogs

Grid View on User Profiles

The new default blog view on user profiles enables viewers to browse all blog posts as a grid and scan through posts more quickly. There’s still the option to sort by feed view for those who prefer to scroll through in more depth.

To select or change the blog view, use the toggle buttons on the top right hand corner.


No need to worry anymore about constantly saving your progress while editing a blog post. The blog editor automatically saves your post while it’s in draft for a more stress-free content posting experience.

Pinned Posts

Choose what your audience sees first by pinning a post to the top of your profile in the blog section.

To pin a post, simply go to your Manage Blogs page and hit the “Pin” button on any published post. At the moment, only one post can be pinned at a time so any new post you pin will replace the previous one. 

Improved Index Page Browsing

Find what you’re looking for faster with the search bar and quick filters. You can now also sort by “Liked” to find older posts you might want to revisit.

New Blog Post View

The redesigned blog post view is cleaner and enables you to drive traffic to a standalone page. We got rid of the modal view to give more space to your post and improve the search engine optimization.

This helps get your blog posts more attention both in search results and to your readers on ArtStation.

Pinned Comments & Disabled Commenting

Manage your blog comment section with the ability to pin comments to the top and disable commenting at any time.

With these recent updates, blogging on ArtStation is easier than ever. Join the conversation today and start connecting with the community!

Create a Blog Post

The blog feature on ArtStation is available to Pro and Plus members. Upgrade your account to unlock blogs and more great features.

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