Art Mask – Spread art, not virus by Backbone Branding


“Spread art, not a virus” summarizes the whole message of the new “Art Mask” project.

The gloomy and dark reality are the consequences of the Pandemic. We decided to look at them from another angle: find the source of inspiration which will encourage people, reminding them that life is still wonderful.

Art became the source of our inspiration. We gave it an opportunity to implement its mission on the masks, with the help of masks. We transformed ordinary masks into works of art, changing the obligatory mask-wearing-process into a pleasure of self-expression, the modern tool of spreading art and at the same time fulfilling its main prevailing function.

The packaging itself is the portrait of famous artists – with fragments from their famous works of art, yet in their minds.

Drawn those sketches in simple, uninterrupted thick and thin lines, we provide those masks with a second life, engaging the owner into the art-making process by coloring the sketches and saving them.

Let’s defend from the virus by spreading art.

Designed by Backbone Branding


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