Alienware Taikoo Li Sanlitun Flagship Store by Gramco Beijing

It’s the new-generation flagship store of Alienware in Sanlitun, Beijing, China.

Under brand message “DEFY BOUNDARIES”, we divided the store into two parts: the gray part in the front that focus on product display and the red part at the back that provides in-depth product experience and customer service. These two parts have clear color boundary, but the showcases on the wall and the ceiling lamps break this boundary, which reflects the brand’s attitude of being willing to break boundaries and challenge new fields. We put in this store with robot arm show, city silhouette wall of Beijing, Gaming Pod, and big LED screen etc., so that consumers can not only experience the products, but also have the opportunity to feel the brand culture.

Design Firm: Gramco Beijing

Project Manager: Peng Liao, Ziyun Mo

Design Principal: Junichi Eto

Design Team: Tao Chen, Yuyang Yao, Yankun Duan

Photographer: Ruijing Photo

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