DAUPER COOKIE STORE by Estúdio Jacarandá

Dauper is a renowned cookie factory in Canela (RS) – Brazil, serving various retail brands across Brazil. They felt the need to create a store concept that would captivate the public with a gastronomic experience within the world of cookies.

In a house in front of the iconic Stone Cathedral, we designed a playful environment that embodies the concept of a fun factory that is entirely Instagram-worthy. The architecture uses a product-inspired color palette and features a conveyor belt that transports cookies from the mini factory on the 1st floor to the ground floor where they are served, allowing the entire production process to be visible. This conveyor belt also inspired various architectural and decorative elements in the store. Modular furniture with metal grids and stainless steel finishes complement the ambiance and facilitate the rollout process for future units.

Today, Dauper has become an iconic destination in Canela’s tourism, leaving a lasting impression on visitors from all over the country with its playful and remarkable gastronomic experience.

Designed by Estúdio Jacarandá
Photo by Clara Beatriz