Antoniolupi Living collection

The world of bathroom design poses an exciting challenge, demanding durability, efficient storage, and a skillful balance between utilitarianism and style. Drawing on decades of perfecting this equilibrium, antoniolupi extends its expertise beyond the washroom with the introduction of the ‘Living’ collection, a series of home furnishings that complement its esteemed collection of bathroom furniture and accessories. In this venture, prominent designers such as Carlo Colombo, Paolo Ulian, AL_Studio, Brian Sironi and Gumdesign collaborate with the Italian company in crafting furniture that embodies the brand’s sense of refined elegance.

Emerging from its roots as an artisanal manufacturer in Italy, the leading bathroom furniture company demonstrates a sharp focus on diversifying its portfolio through a keen design perspective. With the introduction of the Living collection in 2023, antoniolupi makes yet another creative leap into the interior design world, applying their distinct daring language to a range of armchairs, sideboards, beds, and sofas.

Iconic designers collaborate with the brand

A frequent collaborator with the brand, Carlo Colombo enthusiastically takes up the challenge of expanding antoniolupi to the rest of the domestic space. In his furniture, the designer creates a series that is highly adaptable, welcoming a fluid movement throughout the home. His designs for the Living collection include the Sofi, Ginevra, and Charlie beds, in addition to the Neverland and Oliver sofas.

Colombo’s beds have a distinct sense of modern minimalism that doesn’t forget to add a touch of the playful. The Charlie bed is designed around two pure geometric figures – a rectangular bed frame and a trapezoidal headboard. Almost completely upholstered and finished with dramatic protruding seams, the bed contributes an understated boldness to the room. The Sofi bed has a sleek brill aluminum structure that creates a sparkling frame for its rich covered headboard. Accompanied by a bedside table, the Ginevra bed has an aristocratic appeal. A colorful, wafer-thin metal profile creates the base of both the bed and the bench. This contrasts sharply with the boldly padded bed frame and headboard, giving the Ginevra the appearance of floating in mid-air.

Embarking from the bathroom and expanding into the domestic sphere, antoniolupi exhibits a versatile understanding of a space’s function. The living room transcends mere entertainment, transforming into a social nexus, a relaxation zone, or a focal point for engaging conversations. Through the Teorema seating system’s modularity, a collaborative creation of Gumdesign and AL Studio, the brand unveils a dynamic addition to the living area. Made up of a wide range of pouf sizes, seat heights and upholstery options, the lounge allows its users to easily adapt the sofa for life’s daily needs.

Produced by Antoniolupi