Carlton Dry beer by WhatCameNext_

Carlton Dry Quenches with a New Fruity Beer Range

Carlton Dry, Australia’s leading low-carb, full-strength beer, has been a firm favourite on home shores with drinkers for nearly a decade. However, over the last few years, consumers’ tastes have changed — moving from traditional classic beers and wines to new offers such as Seltzers and pre-mixed RTDs. Carlton & United Breweries wanted to bring new news and interest to Carlton Dry with the launch of a range of easier drinking, less bitter and fruitier tasting beers to connect with consumers looking for something a bit different.

With the new range, it was important to create a brand expression that felt modern and dynamic. Clean geometric flavour abstractions were used to create a new graphic language to help move the brand forward into a new space. Each flavour in the collection features a different pattern/design structure that delivers an impactful and contemporary appeal to a new drinker.

The range of three flavours is now available throughout Australia.

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