LNB studio – concept store by NDA design studio®

We used available finishing materials to embody this aesthetic in the space. Rough textures on the walls resembling concrete and quartz vinyl tiles with a concrete-like pattern on the floor created a rugged impression inside the store.

Special attention was given to the design of the retail fixtures. Architect Gleb Kirenkov created a storage area and fitting room using yellow-painted metal panels. The uniqueness of this solution lies in the fact that the panels are part of a rail system made from structural profiles that can be easily moved against the wall. This allowed us to not only expedite the construction process but also apply a fresh approach to space design and retail fixtures.
Inspiration also came from the architectural history of Georgia and the Central Bank building (Ministry of Highways Building) in Tbilisi, designed by architects Georgi Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania in 1975. We used stainless steel and structural profiles to develop a two-level podium design with an adjustable-height rail. The showcase was styled in a rugged manner, incorporating cinder blocks and a stainless steel platform with a yellow metal base. The fitting room door, made of stainless steel with a neat round cutout, effortlessly slides aside despite its weight and dimensions.
The LNB Studio showroom has become a place where bold design intersects with Georgian architectural history, and unique objects embody functionality and aesthetics.

Architectural design studio NDA home studio
Architect & designer Kirenkov Gleb
Photographer:  Suvorov Dmitry